Headache? Your Local Vancouver Chiropractor can help!

Pain from headaches can cause energy and an emotional drain. Research shows that general headaches or migraine pain can be relieved with a treatment plan from a local chiropractor. A study done and Macquarie University showed that 60% of migraine sufferers had a reduction in their symptoms during the course of treatment at their local chiropractor. The ACA journal of Chiropractic found a success rate between 72% and 90%. The benefits of a local chiropractic treatment seemed to last for years. Chiropractic adjustments can be successful in the treatment of back problems, headache and migraines.

How can my local Chiropractor help my headaches?

Chiropractic care relieves pressure anywhere along the spinal column, not just in the lower back. The vertebrae of the spine become misaligned and range of motion is affected. This misalignment agitates nerves leading to and from the brain. A local chiropractor can help put them back in place by using gentle and highly skilled adjustments. First, talking with the Doctor to bring up issues such as work injury, back pain or other painful symptoms will help decide what is causing the pain. A full understanding of the pain and lifestyle will help determine treatment if other diagnostic testing is needed.

Ready to try a local chiropractor for headache treatment?

The road to feeling better is a combination of seeing your physician to rule our issues that need to be treated and a visit with your local chiropractor to discuss a treatment plan. Communication between your physician and chiropractor will bring optimal results.

Going to a local chiropractor is safe and effective way to treat migraines without drugs. The treatment is not to treat a headache, but to allow the body to heal itself by clearing the pathway. Dramatic results are possible and some patients end up being headache free. Some patients find relief others find relief from some of the after migraine symptoms. Decide on a treatment plan and journal to track your results.

Keep in Mind

One visit isn’t going to get instant results. Ruling out that a migraine isn’t a symptom of a more serious condition is important. Always talk to your doctor, especially if new problems arise. Choose your local chiropractor wisely. If results sound too good to be true, keep looking. Proof of results are measured how you feel afterward treatment and beyond, not what was promised. Remember, a migraine can’t be healed with local chiropractic care, but it can clear road blocks on the spinal cord and help the healing process so your body can heal itself.